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Interior Architecture

Cryptomixer takes a complete and comprehensive overview of each project, including any heritage and listed building’s sensitive to construction and final fit-out stages, so that every aspect is fully incorporated and cohesively in line with your brief. Our team consider the best possible ways to enhance every aspect of the available space, implementing strategic thinking and structured framework functionality.

Our skill is in ensuring that we maximise the true potential for every project by creating practical spaces using a diverse range of skills and trades to take projects from the initial design stage through to a practical completion. We oversee all third-party appointments e.g. structural engineers, CDM, lighting, audio-visual, building regulations and managing agents, whilst liaising directly with freeholders to manage the relevant license approvals process and overseeing all required consents on your behalf.

Interior Design

Cryptomixer’s multi-award winning interior design team approach every project as a unique design journey, carefully considering client lifestyles, preferences and personal needs, whilst interpreting tastes and ambitions to create your perfect home.

The teams’ extensive knowledge and experience in all forms of design, from bespoke joinery & custom-made statement pieces through to intricate embroidery details on sumptuous fabrics, combined with carefully considered detail and finishes to create a theme which subtly reflects the intangible aspects of your project.

The teams’ extensive knowledge and experience in all forms of design, from bespoke joinery & custom-made statements.

Project Coordination

Cryptomixer’s Project Coordination team are an integral part of our delivery process, and therefore pivotal to the success of each and every project we complete. As the central point of communication, they are the link between our clients, our consultants and any other parties involved; delivering a flow of pertinent information from general updates to monthly financial reports, and after-care.

Essentially our Project Coordinators work not only within strict schedules & budgets but also providing reassurance and confidence from their experience, ensuring that each assignment is completed on time, within allocated resources and handling every aspect from conception to completion, achieving outstanding results against the quality of workmanship we demand.

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